May 1, 2016

Sushi Yen - New Westminster

A couple of my friends and I were craving for some sushi so we checked out this relatively new Sushi place on 6th Street in New West.

We got there on Friday just a few minutes past noon and the restaurant was rather quiet since they usually open at 11:30am.  We were seated in a cozy corner giving us a good overview of the restaurant.

According to the menu, all orders come with a free miso soup.  So we got a few of these served with our order.  My friend commented that this is the sweeter type of miso soup. I don’ t think I’ve tried it before but it was indeed, less salty and had a tad of sweetness to it.  It had not seaweed in it, but some visible pieces of tofu.

We ordered some fried octopus (karaage). It came with a spicy mayo dipping sauce.  The octopus came fried in a very light batter so it was quite good.

We ordered a couple of their knock off Japadogs to share. This one is the Orishi Ponzu.  It has some grated daikon inside of it.  I thought the raw daikon was a bit strange, I usually have it cooked and never had it inside a hot dog before.  Both of the hotdogs had a thick full sized wiener.

This one is the Teri-Mayo.  It had a couple of different sauces inside and similar to the one above it had seaweed scattered on the top.

This is Korean Style fried chicken. There are a couple of flavours to choose from.  We got the sweet and spicy  one.  It comes with about 12 large pieces. They are boneless and had a light batter with some sesame sprinkled on top.  It had a unique zing to it and was complemented well with the sweetness too.  It was not overly saucy too.  This dish would have went well with a bowl of rice.

We also got a BC roll to try.  It was a bit small.  They put some sweet sauce on the top which tasted well with the salmon inside the BC roll.

This restaurant appears to be family run.  Service was attentive but one hiccup was that they could not provide us with a table knife as we wanted to cut the hotdog ourselves.  The server was apologetic about not having a knife available so we didn’t think much of it.

We’d certainly like to come back soon to try their other Korean style fried chicken as that was the best part of our meal.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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