August 3, 2017

Banh Mi Saigon - Vancouver

Driving down Victoria Drive, I regularly see this Vietnamese sub shop packed with people.  Finally I had a chance to try it out during a hot summer weekday.

Aside from the subs, they also have Vietnamese coffee and some dessert drinks to choose from.  They have a few people at the counter preparing the subs.  There are about 5 tables in the shop if you want to eat in. 

I ordered the chicken (ga) sub.  This was $5. 

While waiting for the sub, I noticed there was a guy in the back preparing some dough.  They bake there own bread here.  I haven’t seen this before at other banh mi shops as the other places source the bread from elsewhere. Knowing this, I expect the bread to be very fresh here.

The sub had a good amount of pickled carrots, cucumber, chicken and parsley.  It appears the sub bread used here is longer but narrower.   The bread was not as crunchy on the outside though, but the inside bread was soft.

The shop is not air conditioned so on a hot day like today, it will be very stuffy inside.  I suppose they prefer you not to get too comfortable and to just eat and run.  Will be adding this shop as a go-to place for Vietnamese subs in the future.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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July 26, 2017

OPA! of Greece – Tsawwassen Mills

After walking around the huge Tsawwassen Mills outlet mall, we got hungry and needed to rest up at the food court.  Tsawwassen Mills has a huge seating area at the food court, but in comparison to other large malls, it actually does not have a lot of food vendors.

We decided to go for OPA! of Greece.  They had souvlaki plates for around $10.  They had a promotion happening for wild salmon souvlaki so we gave that a try too.

We watched them cook the salmon so we know it would be hot.  There were 5 pieces of salmon on the skewer.  The salmon itself didn’t have a lot of flavour so this is where the tzatziki  sauce came in handy.

For the 2nd plate we ordered chicken.  The chicken had good flavour but it was just warm.  We didn’t see them cook the chicken as they took it out of a warmed container.

Both plates had a generous serving of rice.  The rice was very good and was not too wet or soggy.  The potatoes were also fully flavoured with the lemon zing throughout.  The Greek salads were fresh too.   Each plate comes with a full piece of pita bread freshly pan fried.

Overall it was OK and is basically food court quality.  It would have been better if they didn’t precook the chicken.  We would not have minded to wait for it to come straight out of the pan.

We saw many people ordering the fried calamari and it smelled really good.  We certainly would like to try calamari next time.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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July 19, 2017

Delicious Pho–Downtown Vancouver

We walked by Delicious Pho several times in the past and finally had a chance to try it out during Canada Day.  They are located on the east side of Robson street a couple of blocks away from the library.

The restaurant is rather spacious and clean.  We got there for a late lunch during Canada day so there was plenty of seating.

We started with a grilled chicken roll. 

It had large pieces of chicken inside with lettuce and vermicelli for filling.  It also came with a big serving of dipping sauce.  This was under the specialty roll section where you can choose the meat (chicken, pork, pork patty, beef).

We ordered soup-less vermicelli bowl with prawn and grilled pork.

It was a large serving.  You get three pieces of prawn and a bunch of pork.  The pork was cooked well and not burned.  Prawns were a bit bland though but that was an easy fix with the included fish sauce dip.

Next we ordered a small bowl of pho with sliced steak.

The soup was superb rich with flavour compared to a few other places we’ve been to recently.  The beef also came rare like it should, so that it can slowly cook itself in the hot soup.

Despite being downtown, the prices here are very reasonable.  The service was fast and straight forward.  Delicious Pho will certainly be our go to place when craving for Vietnamese cuisine downtown.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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July 12, 2017

Jinya Ramen Bar – Kerrisdale

We tried out the Jinya Ramen’s Kerrisdale location after a nice summer hike near UBC.  They are located on W41 Ave near West Boulevard.

It wasn’t too busy as it was way past lunch time.  It is quite a modern looking restaurant. This is their bar area and open kitchen.

Normal tables

It was during happy hour so the server introduced us to the specials:

Daily drink specials:

Their regular menu is colorful with many pictures of their food.  However, we noticed the prices for ramen at this location are a lot more than the downtown location when we last visited. It is quite a jump, about $15 a ramen!  I’m pretty sure it was about $11 not too long ago? 

We started with their crispy chicken from the happy hour menu:

There were 5 plump pieces of boneless dark meat chicken. It comes with a tiny salad as garnish and some dipping sauce.  The chicken was crispy like it should be and the meat itself was juicy.

We ordered a sukiyaki beef rice bowl:

It had lots of tender beef and had a good portion of rice.  While in the middle of eating this, the server suddenly came by and apologized and dropped off these dishes:

It was a soft cooked cold egg, some ginger and chili powder.  I think she was trying to tell me that they forgot to serve these items with the rice.  I was not aware these were included.  Perhaps the egg is to mix into the hot rice?   If so, my rice was already cold and half gone by the time this arrived.  I just slurped down the egg by itself.

They have lots of ramen choices with unique names.  We ordered the Sprouting Up Ramen.

It is served with thick ramen and has these items for toppings:  pork and chicken broth, pork chashu, kikurage, spicy bean sprouts, green onion, half seasoned egg*, crispy brussels sprouts, black pepper, ginger.

The soup was very rich with deep flavour without being too salty.  The ramen had good chewy texture too.

The ramen here is a bit pricey but was presented very well. However it was not good enough to justify such a high price.  We prefer the ramen shops that let you choose options like broth richness, spicy level, pork fat level etc.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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July 1, 2017

Blog Pics offline–Photobucket sucks

Sorry all, photobucket suddenly cut off access to all pics hosted on their site. They want $400 a year. It’s affecting lots of other bloggers too worldwide. We will fix this over the next little while but will take some time since we have years of pics from this blog hosted there.