February 18, 2017

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce - Hot Wings!

As promised, we are delighted to test out some Gringo Bandito hot sauce. First up, hot wings using some Gringo Bandito hot sauce.  Out of the three hot sauces we have available, we thought we should play it safe first by selecting the milder version.  Along for the ride is about half a pound of juicy wings.

We kept the preparation simple by not adding any other flavours except for just a pinch of salt when preparing the wings because we wanted to get a better idea of how the hot sauce tastes.  We first precooked the wings by themselves in the oven by cooking it for 30 minutes @ 375 F.

Afterwards, we doused about 5 tablespoons of Gringo hot sauce on a frying pan to heat it up.  This hot sauce appears thicker than some other similar sauces so it is easy to work with later on when we add the wings.  Looking closer at the sauce, we can also see some of the spices used to make the sauce. 

We then transferred the wings directly from the oven into the hot pan.  We mixed the sauce all over the wings for about 3 minutes.   We then transferred the wings back into the oven and cooked it for another 5 minutes @ 375 F to let the sauce sink into the wings a bit more.

The result:


The wings are now a deep dark orange flavour and completely dominated by Gringo hot sauce’s aroma.

The taste?  We were quite impressed that the sauce was able to flavour the chicken wings so well.  Note that we did not use any other ingredients to marinade.  The wings were not bland at all thanks to the hot sauce.  We think the reason is because the sauce is not just ‘hot’, but instead has some unique flavors built in which is probably some secret spice recipe.

How hot is the sauce?  On a scale of 10, we would say 6.5 to 7.

We are looking forward to trying this sauce more later on when we get a chance.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

February 9, 2017

White Spot - Richmond Bridgeport

White Spot opened up their newest Richmond location where the old Ikea building used to be along Bridgeport road.  It’s located amongst several other big furniture stores around the area.

This White Spot has a large bar area and is more brighter than some of the other locations we’ve visited in the past.  It was a Wednesday evening when we visited this location so it was rather quiet.

We ordered a fish taco with Cesar salad.  The fish taco comes in a pair with salsa and tartar sauce.

The fish tacos were crispy and similar to other locations.  The fish was cooked well and remained moist inside.  The salad could have used some more sauce though.

Next we ordered the fish and chips (with Spot salad instead).  This was currently on special for $12 along with some other popular White Spot dishes.

The salad veggies were quite fresh.  The house dressing appears to have changed again as this time it was really thick.  The fish batter here is a bit different than other locations.  It’s better because it’s a lighter and fluffier so it was not as filling and did not feel as oily.  The fish was cooked perfectly.

This location was understaffed this evening.  Although there were not a lot of tables, there appeared to be only 1 or 2 servers running around handling the whole restaurant.  Thus, it took a long time to get a hold of our server whenever we needed extra water or napkins. We then had to sit around for a long time waiting for the bill, then waiting for the server to bring the credit card machine.  

We don’t blame the server at all because she was truly busy.  We do hope that management does a better job in arranging enough staff.  Another quick solution is not to seat customers so far apart.  Perhaps close one area, and have everyone sit in one section so the servers don’t have to run around so much.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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Dairy Queen - Richmond

Richmond used to have several Dairy Queens around but over the years they all just disappeared for different reasons.  We were very happy that a new Dairy Queen opened up along Francis and No 3 road.

Actually it’s not a new DQ, it was moved here from the Cooney road location since we recognized the owner.

This place is quite busy, maybe because it’s the only DQ in Richmond.  We went in the evening around 7pm to try out their $6/$7 meals and there was quite a line up throughout our stay.

We ordered the $6 deluxe cheeseburger meals which came with a soft drink, fries and a small sundae.  You can pay a little more to upgrade your sundae to a Blizzard.

The burgers are made to order and contained fresh lettuce and a slice of tomato.  The burger patty seems to be a leaner than other places so it was not dripping with oil like other fast food burgers. The beef was lightly seasoned.

The fries were very golden with a nice crisp outside, and it was soft and fluffy inside.  It was like the frying oil used was freshly changed.

Finally the best part of DQ, here are the strawberry and chocolate sundaes.  Although they were a ‘small’ size, it is actually quite big and is a nice treat to have after the burger and fries.

The food and ice cream were good, but I think this location is understaffed.  The owner/manager was the only person handling the orders at the till. She was also the one delivering the food to the tables.  Hence, the wait in line was very long and others were also getting impatient. 

We asked for the ice cream for ‘later’, so we had to line up again to get the ice cream which took almost 15 minutes due to the line up.

The bottleneck was at the till, because once you place your order, the food didn’t take that long to come out as the kitchen and ice cream stations were staffed with enough people.

We hope this DQ location improves the queuing system next time we visit as the wait was rather unreasonable.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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February 6, 2017

Fisherman’s Terrance - Richmond

We headed out Friday before the Lunar Year of the Rooster for dim sum with family at Fisherman’s Terrance.  Knowing that Aberdeen Mall and it’s parking lot gets quite hectic near noon, we headed out early for a 10am dim sum reservation. 

Most of the mall was not yet opened so it was quite pleasant to find a parking spot.  The restaurant was also slowly starting to fill up with other early patrons after we were seated.

We went through the menu quickly and ticked off our our orders.

Sparerib Congee:  This is a small bowl enough to be shared with 2 people.  It has been consistent each time we order this congee as it’s not too much MSG.

Shrimp Dumplings:  Medium sized and is not overly filled with non shrimp ingredients.

Pan fried rice roll:  This was not good at all because the rolls were very hard like it was taken out from the refrigerator.

Glutinous Rice: This has lots of Chinese sausages.  It appears it’s not 100% glutinous rice.  It may have been mixed with 30% regular rice.  The sausages make this dish quite oily and filling.

Pig Knuckles in dark  vinegar: You can usually eat this if you have a relative or close friend who just gave birth as it’s customary to give out.  This was quite a big bowl as you can see with many knuckles in there.

Chicken Feet in black bean sauce:  The feet were rather skinny today.  There were only 4 pieces.

Crab cakes: This is mixed in with chives.  It’s was pan fried quite nicely.

Lastly for dessert we had these sesame glutinous rice balls:

Normally they are either hollow or filled with red bean paste.  But to my surprise, this is filled with a very delicious black sesame paste.

The dessert must have been the best part of the dim sum as we’ve never had sesame balls quite like this before.

However thumbs down on their credit card terminal.  They now only allow you to choose a percentage as a tip.  You are not able to choose a dollar amount to tip. What’s up with that?  They should update their system the customer has a choice on how to tip.  I never believed in adding tip on tax!

Other than that, food service was like usual and came quickly.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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February 4, 2017

Chop Steakhouse- Richmond

For Dine Out 2017, we tried out CHOP in Richmond.  Chop is located by the Sandman hotel so there an be plenty of parking available from the huge lot.  It might be hard to find if you are not from the neighborhood.  It’s next to highway 99 leading up to Oak St Bridge.

Inside the restaurant was like a maze because the dining area was separated from the bar area.  Chop also has 2 separate entrances, so make sure you go through the right one.  The washrooms were also very fancy.  There’s a large comfortable couch in side the men’s washroom.

We were lucky to get a Friday evening reservation but it was early for 5:30pm.  On the Dine Out menu online, they only showed a $30 dinner menu.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that they also offered a $40 menu as well.  Popular restaurants fill up fast for Dine Out.   

Our server was extremely friendly and pleasant.  After taking our orders we got some multigrain dinner bread.

Being a healthy multigrain based bread, it was kind of dry.  We would have preferred something like sourdough bread.  Nevertheless, this was easily fixed by adding lots of butter.

They didn’t have any beer specials that evening, so we ordered Granville Island lager from the tap.

We all ordered salad as a starter.  Here is a Cesar salad.

This is the artisan green salad which is a bit more unique than the Cesar.

Both salads were very fresh.

If ordering from the $40 menu, you get an extra appetizer.  Two of us ordered from the $40 menu so we shared the following appies:

The Crab Cakes here were nice and fluffy with a tangy chipotle sauce to complement.

Next are steak bites with some bbq sauce underneath and some horseradish aioli.

The steak bites were very tender and tasty.

For the main course, we had prime rib, cooked medium.  This is from the $40 menu.

We did not know it was going to be such a large serving!  It was also cooked perfectly red for medium.  The prime rib was very very tender and it really kicks the Keg’s butt!

Next is maple bourbon haddock.  This is from the $30 menu.

The fish was cooked perfectly too.  It  was not overcooked and remained very moist.  The sauce was a bit too overpowering though.  It was a bit too sweet for our liking but not entirely bad enough to ruin the fish.

Dessert time!


The tiramisu is served in a cup and was too creamy.  The lady fingers were too soggy though.

Warm apple crumble with vanilla bean gelato:

The apple crumble was sour and tangy but was perfectly balanced by the gelato.

We really enjoyed our visit to Chop.  Our server was very attentive, laid back and checked up on us several times to make sure things were OK.  The captain also came by a couple of times to make sure we enjoyed our meals.

We certainly like to come back to hang out during happy hour too as their happy hour menu looked quite delicious.

SFDD gives 4.5 out of 5 Delights.

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