December 16, 2017

Crepe Delicious– Oakridge

We were doing some shopping at Oakridge Mall and got attracted to the smell of crepes at the food court.

Aside from crepes, they also have a selection of sorbet and gelatos on display.

We decided to go with a simple strawberry with icing sugar crepe.  It took about 5 minutes for them to prepare it.  They asked if we wanted it to-go, or for here, in which case they would have served it on a paper plate.  We opted for to-go so it was wrapped for us.

At the beginning, things looked good. The crepe was wrapped comfortably and it smelled nice.  Things changed as soon as we took a few bites of our crepe.

The crepe was way too sticky, like it was too moist.  It was too chewy, almost rubberlike because you have to really pull on it when taking each bite.  As we got into the crepe, that checkered paper you see in the pic stuck onto the crepe like crazy glue! 

It was so awkward to eat it.  Furthermore, they did not use fresh strawberries.  It was like a cooked strawberry jam sauce.

Perhaps the crepe was undercooked causing it to stick and be so hard to chew on.  This was not a very pleasant crepe experience.  Hopefully, this was just a one time mishap but certainly we won’t be coming back until improvements are made soon.

SFDD  gives 2 out of 5 Delights.

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