December 10, 2017

Denny’s – Richmond

We were planning to to to IHOP for breakfast along the St Edwards Drive neighborhood where Accent Inn hotel is located but to our surprise, it was closed.  Thus, we trekked next door to Denny’s for the first time to try since there was not a lot of other breakfast restaurants available in the area.

It was not very busy at all for a Friday mid morning.  We were quite surprised to see that this Denny’s location was rather modern looking.  It is also very large too. You won’t notice it if you are seated on the right side of the restaurant.  You’ll see it has a huge section in the back if you walked to the washrooms.  Sorry we had no pics of inside the restaurant.  But here is the food we ordered.

This is a clubhouse on multi grain bread, ordered from the senior’s special menu:

The sandwich was cut very awkwardly if you noticed the shape.  It can’t be that hard to cut 2 triangle shapes is it? Also you’ll notice an out of place piece of turkey on top of one of the breads.  Taste wise, the sandwich was fair as the ingredients inside such as lettuce and tomato were fresh.  The fries were also done perfectly as it was fluffy on the inside and not overly fried on the outside.  It’s the thick cut type of fries too and was a very generous serving.

Next is the Denny’s American Slam breakfast plate which has just about all that you can ask for in a breakfast.

This comes with 3 eggs scrambled with melted cheddar cheese on top.  Furthermore, it also has 4 pieces of toast, 2  sausages, 2 bacon and a big serving of hash browns.  This was a great deal for all the food that you get. Eggs were cooked well and the hash browns were golden brown on the outside.

Lastly, we had the build your own breakfast where you can choose 4 items from an extensive list for around $12.


We chose turkey bacon, hash browns, 2 eggs (scrambled) and pancakes.

The build your own breakfast had a few disappointing features.  Firstly, you’ll noticed the scrambled eggs are overcooked from the burned brown colour on top of the eggs.  I was going to let it go but after the first bite, the scrambled eggs were way too dry and burned.  Furthermore, the hash browns on this order are slightly undercooked as you can see there is hardly any golden brown crisp on the top layer of hash browns.

How can they screw up the scrambled eggs and hash browns on this order while making presentable scrambled eggs and hash browns on the American Grand Slam that we ordered at the same time?

Oh well, it took a good 10 minutes before our server came by to ask how we were doing.  At this time I addressed the problem with the eggs.  I let the hash browns go since it was still edible, just not crispy.  The server immediately offered to remake the eggs:

The new scrambled eggs were better.  It was too bad we could not eat it at the same time as the rest of our breakfast as we were already finished.

The pancakes and the turkey bacon were prepared quite well though.

After getting our bill we were hoping our server would bring us the machine to use our credit card but she pointed us to pay at the front counter.  It was rather inconvenient because we had to line up to pay with other customers who were waiting in the same line to be brought to their table.  This setup was rather inefficient.  When the hostess saw we were there to pay, she walked back to where we come from, to our server’s station just to grab the card machine for us to pay… sigh…

The service here was mediocre and the food as we described was inconsistent.  It’s too bad IHOP closed next door, otherwise we wouldn’t have had to come to Denny’s for this subpar experience.

SFDD gives 2.5 out of 5 Delights.

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