May 13, 2017

Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant - Vancouver

We were craving for some wonton noodles since it’s been a while since we been to a Cantonese style restaurant for lunch.  We thought of Ho Yuen Kee (HYK) along south Fraser street in Vancouver since they are known for there dumplings.

We got there late Saturday afternoon after 2pm and didn’t have to wait for seats as the lunch time crowd had already dispersed.  Their prices looked rather reasonable as various bowl noodles there can be had for under $7.

We ordered a wonton noodle pictured here:

The wonton’s were very large and plump. You get 5 of them with the noodles. The noodles were standard wonton noodles and had a good texture to it.  The soup was not overly salty.

Next here is the suigau (dumpling) with noodles.  A suigau is a bit larger than a wonton and has more pork inside and Chinese mushrooms.

The dumplings were very good and plump too.  The soup and noodles are the same as in the wonton.

We also ordered beef fried noodle:

The this was a big small. Kind of like the size you get at the mini happy hour menus at some Hong Kong style cafes.  It could have used some more wok power though.

Finally, HYK is also popular for their ginger milk dessert:

This had a deep ginger flavour and was also very smooth.  It is like a milk pudding or tofu dessert. This is definitely worth trying if you visit HYK.

The food was good but the servers were not that great.   When bringing the food to the table,  they dropped the bowls and plates hard and loud on the table and did not even announce what food they were bringing. We also thought the servers talked a bit too loud amongst themselves.  They mostly gossiped about their other coworkers which they should not have done with customers still around.

Anyhow, food good, service bad.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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