August 28, 2017

Shang Noodle House - Richmond

We were craving noodles so we stopped by Shang Noodle House in Richmond. It’s located near Richmond Centre on Saba road.  We’ve visited the Shang Noodle in the New Westminster Casino months ago so this will be a good chance for us to compare.

This location is a lot smaller than New Westminster's.  It had lots of windows letting in natural light though.  It was not too busy as we arrived Sunday for an early lunch just minutes after they opened.

We got the Groupon deal which comes with an appetizer, noodle, drink and dessert.

For this first appetizer we chose takoyaki.

We got 6 in total. These were good and not too mushy.  It had a generous amount of shredded seaweed on top.

The 2nd appetizer we selected pot stickers.

The skin on these pot stickers were a bit too chewy and rough. Inside had juicy pork and veggies.

For the first noodle we chose spicy beef tendon noodle.

It had a generous serving of beef tendon. The tendon was very tender and tasty.  As well, the noodles were very al dante.  These are Chinese style ramen noodles,

For the 2nd noodle we had the house special spinach noodle. It had quite of bit of meats including bbq pork, some scallops, and shrimp and also chicken.  The noodles were unique in that they were spinach green so it felt healthy.

For the 3rd noodle (not part of groupon) we got the dandan noodles.  This had a huge amount of peanuts on top as it should. 

It also had a deep garlicky peanut sauce.  Dandan noodles are not mean to have too much soup.  I’d say it’s a half dry noodle. The noodles were also very al dante.

At the end we got mango pudding dessert which we took home instead since we were all full.

Service was quick and our server was very friendly and attentive.  Even without the Groupon, the regular prices at Shang Noodle are very reasonable.  The only downside is that parking is limited here.  You’ll have to do pay street parking or find a nearby mall if it’s on the way.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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