November 14, 2009

Taipei – Giant Potato Skin

Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market is best known for its delicious food.  There was plenty of vendors to choose from including BBQ skewers, buns, desserts, oyster omelets and of course, bubble tea.  During our trip, we tried out different cool looking foods which can only be found here.

First were these giant potatoes.  These resemble giant potato skins which you can choose different toppings and flavors much like ordering pizza.  The line up was so long at this place that an employee had to come out to keep things calm and under control.  It was featured in our travel booklet so a lot of tourists were in line wanting to try out these potatoes.

All of the potatoes come with a gooey cheese sauce.  There were different toppings available such as corn, ham, octopus, green onions, seafood.. etc.  We went with a combo Hawaiian flavored potato. It came with corn, ham and pineapple and a giant ladle of cheese sauce.  The cheese was kind of like melted Cheez Whiz except it was not as thick.

The potato was well cooked but it had too much cheese sauce.  It can be eaten like a meal since it is quite filling.  They are quite generous with the toppings.  It was fun to try but I can’t imagine who would want to eat this on a regular basis.  Overall, a neat idea to say the least.

SFDD gives 2.5 out of 5 Delights.

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