November 10, 2014

Gyudon Ya


(We messed up our original Gyudon Ya post as it got overwritten by another post.  Anyway, we will try again, apologies if you are reading again and feeling deja-vu.)

Gyudon Ya is located along Robson near Seymour. We visited for a quick bite to eat before a Monday evening show at the Orpheum which is just footsteps away.


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They are known for Japanese rice bowls with a choice of beef or pork. They renovated since we last visited a couple years back so feels a lot more spacious now. The new menu even has Ramen noodles. The waitresses were friendly and attentive, seating us right away.

We ordered the large beef bowl here:

There was quite a bit of beef served but the problem I found is that the food is reheated in the microwave.  We sat next to the kitchen and can hear the microwave buzzing on continuously whenever a new order was placed.  This was a real turn off as we did not think it is acceptable to be serving a $9 microwaved dinner.  Flavour was not that great, we had to add lots of the Korean spicy sauce from the table to make it good.

We also tried out the beef ramen noodles:

The ramen noodles were good and chewy. The beef was the same as the rice dish above so it was microwaved too.  Portion wise was acceptable for the price. There are better choices for ramen further down Robson street if you don’t mind the line ups.

Overall, the wait staff were friendly but the real downside was the continued use of the microwave to cook their food.  The green tea was good too.  We won’t be going back any time soon.

SFDD gives 2.5 out of 5 Delights.

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