March 30, 2016

Fondway Cafe - Burnaby

Fondway Cafe is located footsteps away from the Metrotown Skytrain station.  It is opposite of the Metropolis/Station Square on the other side of the train tracks.  You can find Fondway on the ground floor of a newly developed Condo.

We visited on a Friday morning just after it opened.  It was not too busy with just a few tables of students doing their studying.

The inside is quite modern looking with a wall of different teas for sale as you see below.  They also have cute little tables that have a clock face on it.

We ordered their signature grass jelly milk.  It is served in what look like a glass flower vase.  I was concerned it may be too sweet so I asked for half sweet.

The drink was not that eventful for $4.50.  To me it was a glass of sweetened milk with glass jelly sunk below.  Grass jelly is just like a tea flavored Jell-O in case you were wondering about it.

Next is the ice latte.  Our friend suggested it was not very deep in coffee flavour.  Furthermore it was not cold enough to be an iced drink.

Aside from drinks, Fondway also has a small selection of pastries.  I was hoping to try their matcha cake as seen on other reviews, however they did not have it this morning.  Maybe next time.

Service was friendly. Perhaps we chose the wrong drinks to try this time.  We hope to be back in the near future to try their pastries.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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