March 20, 2016

Mad Greek - Richmond

Mad Greek is a popular Greek restaurant along Westminster Highway.  It is a rather large establishment which offers belly dancing performances if you go during the right night.  We went during a Wednesday evening so it was not very busy at all.  Because it was such a large restaurant, it took a while before we were able to talk to our server since she was the only one working the whole restaurant.

We started with fried calamari.  It was a rather small portion.  We saw some other orders coming out of the kitchen afterwards which were a lot bigger, at least 50% larger than the order you see below.  We were not very happy to see that.

The calamari had a nice thin batter and tasted quite good.  If it weren’t for the small portion we would have liked it a lot more.

Mad Greek no longer includes pita bread on a lot of their meals.  Only a select few meals come with pita.  This one comes with the rack of lamb meal so we shared.

This is chicken souvlaki with Cesar salad.  The potatoes and rice were done quite well. Salad was a bit warm unfortunately.  The chicken was a good size  however near the end, we noticed a piece looked kind of undercooked.  It was near the end of the meal when we discovered it and only a small piece so we just let it go.  Not a good idea to eat pink chicken you know!

This is the beef souvlaki with Greek salad.  The beef was nice and tender and cooked to about medium well.

Rack of lamb also comes with rice, potatoes  but instead of salad it comes with cooked vegetables.  The lamb was tender and flavourful.  It was quite a big size we had to take some of it home.

The Mad Greek parking lot is rather limited but you can park at a nearby Bowling Green parking lot and walk over if you are going for dinner.  The Bowling Green  lot is free after a certain time in the evening.

The server was alone but there were not too many tables so there were times when we had trouble flagging her down because she was busy talking with other tables.  It was like this sine the restaurant is large so it was hard to make eye contact.  It took a while for us to get the bill and then we had to wait again to pay.  Improvement needs to be made here to ensure customers don’t feel ignored.

Prices aren’t too bad and the food is generally good.  If you order the chicken just watch out for anything that looks pink.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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