January 13, 2017

Delissio - Rustico Greek

Continuing with our log of frozen pizzas, this is Delissio’s Rustico series. This is advertised as having a stone ground thin crust.

The pizza is sealed tight inside a plastic bag.  One thing we first noticed was the abundant amount of toppings like olives, onion tomatoes, cucumber.

All our pizzas are cooked in a conventional convection Black and Decker table top oven at 400 degrees F.  Normally we cook for 10 minutes, then we spin the pizza around  to ensure equal cooking for another 6-7 minutes.  

The result on this one was perfectly cooked around. 


This thin stone ground crust was also very tasty.  It was not cardboard like at all and tasted as if it was freshly kneaded!  It had a perfect balance of toppings and cheese.  Despite the amount of veggie toppings, the pizza did not turn out watery afterwards. 

The Rustico series has now become one of our favorites.Price wise, you can find it for under $5 at local supermarkets when on sale.

SFDD gives 4.5 out of 5 Delights.

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