January 13, 2017

Delissio - Thin Crispy Ham and Pineapple

Continuing with our log of frozen pizzas, this is Delissio’s thin and crispy series.

The pizza is sealed tight inside a plastic bag.  This seemed to have more ham than pineapple.

All our pizzas are cooked in a conventional convection Black and Decker table top oven at 400 degrees F.  Normally we cook for 10 minutes, then we spin the pizza around  to ensure equal cooking for another 6-7 minutes.  This square shaped Dilissio is larger than the round ones as it covered all of the cooking area of our oven with little space to spare.

The result on this one was a bit overcooked.  Partly because our oven is a bit hotter on the back.  As you can see after flipping around once, the centre is less cooked than the front and back.

This thin crust unfortunately was very cardboard like.  And it was not because it was cooked too long.  It did not taste like dough at all.  It also did not have a whole lot of cheese and the toppings were limited and unbalanced on the pizza. 

Having a cardboard like crust was a turnoff and it was difficult to finish the whole pizza.  Luckily we got it on sale just to try and blog about it.  We’d probably steer away from this particular line in the future.  Price wise, you can find it for under $5 at local supermarkets when on sale.

SFDD gives 2.5 out of 5 Delights.

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