February 18, 2017

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce - Hot Wings!

As promised, we are delighted to test out some Gringo Bandito hot sauce. First up, hot wings using some Gringo Bandito hot sauce.  Out of the three hot sauces we have available, we thought we should play it safe first by selecting the milder version.  Along for the ride is about half a pound of juicy wings.

We kept the preparation simple by not adding any other flavours except for just a pinch of salt when preparing the wings because we wanted to get a better idea of how the hot sauce tastes.  We first precooked the wings by themselves in the oven by cooking it for 30 minutes @ 375 F.

Afterwards, we doused about 5 tablespoons of Gringo hot sauce on a frying pan to heat it up.  This hot sauce appears thicker than some other similar sauces so it is easy to work with later on when we add the wings.  Looking closer at the sauce, we can also see some of the spices used to make the sauce. 

We then transferred the wings directly from the oven into the hot pan.  We mixed the sauce all over the wings for about 3 minutes.   We then transferred the wings back into the oven and cooked it for another 5 minutes @ 375 F to let the sauce sink into the wings a bit more.

The result:

The wings are now a deep dark orange flavour and completely dominated by Gringo hot sauce’s aroma.

The taste?  We were quite impressed that the sauce was able to flavour the chicken wings so well.  Note that we did not use any other ingredients to marinade.  The wings were not bland at all thanks to the hot sauce.  We think the reason is because the sauce is not just ‘hot’, but instead has some unique flavors built in which is probably some secret spice recipe.

How hot is the sauce?  On a scale of 10, we would say 6.5 to 7.

We are looking forward to trying this sauce more later on when we get a chance.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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