March 2, 2017

Gringo Bandito Super Hot and Pizza

As mentioned, we will now try out the super hot version of the Gringo Bandito hot sauce.  This one has a deeper orange color that makes it look rather menacing.

As soon as we opened the bottle, we immediately smelled the hot pepper flavour filling our nostrils.  We knew right away that this bottle is going to be super hot just from the scent.  We poured out a bit to sample and it had a relatively thick texture.

We decided to pair this with a Delissio Rustic Greek Pizza.

This is a meatless pizza so having some hot sauce will give it an extra kick.  We started small with just a few drops on the slice of pizza.   The super hot sauce was rather powerful.  For me, my body heated up right away and I felt a bit of sweat on the top of my head after a few bites of the pizza with the hot sauce. 

The bottle did not lie when it describes itself as being super hot.  If you are going to try this, don’t put too much otherwise it may over dominate the food you are spicing up.  I think putting in a few drops was strong enough to kick up your food  few notches.

The most hottest flavoring I’ve tried in the past was some curry that was so hot, it literally makes your tongue and cheek go numb.  The Gringo is not quite that hot but I think it is quite close.  If you are a brave hot sauce eater, then I can picture you dousing more of this on your food if you don’t mind sweating bullets.

This certainly is the next level to the other Gringo Bandito hot sauce we tried previously.  How hot is this Super Hot version? On a scale of 10, we think this is an 8.5.

It’s a good sauce which we will need to be careful with by not being too generous when dousing on food.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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