March 19, 2017

Chong’s Restaurant

Chong’s is located on the south side of Kingsway and Slocan.  We went there for dim sum a few times during February and were able to compile a nice sample of different dishes that we tried during our separate visits.

Their dim sums are value priced. Most are about $3.50 each.  Some congees are included on their dim sum menu too.  You can also order fried rice or fried noodle dishes for $8 which was value priced as well for the size that you get.  The restaurant is not very large so dim sum service will be busy on weekends.


Back of menu:

Prawn Dumplings were decent sized:

Steamed Pork Dumplings: My mom always orders this. I’m not a big fan as I feel most places make it with fatty pork right?

BBQ Pork Bun: Pork was lean and the steamed bun was nice and fluffy.

Beef Tendon: The flavor was good but the tendons were all too rough and chewy, meaning they did not steam it long enough to make it tender. 

Pan Fried Taro cake: This was so-so because it was not pan fried long enough.  Normally the outside should be golden brown.  Furthermore it did not have enough taro.

Stuffed Eggplant:  These were good as they were generous with the eggplant and they were cooked soft.

Dried Scallops and Egg White Fried Rice: Thumbs on on this as they did not overuse oil to fry the rice.  The rice was nice and tender (using overnight refrigerated rice) just as it should be.

Singapore Fried Rice Noodle:  The rice noodles were all broken to small pieces and it was not spicy enough.  Unfortunately the pork used was not flavored enough so it had a bit of an unpleasant ‘swine’ taste to it that was a bit overwhelming. Size wise it was big for $8.

Dried Fish and Peanut Congee: Their congees are quite superb. They do not use a lot of MSG and the congee itself had the right thickness to it.

Chinese Doughnut Wrapped in Rice Roll: It was about a half doughnut.  The rice roll was a bit too thick and chewy though.

Spareribs on rice:

Finally, Fried Mini Sesame Balls: These ones are hollow without any filling.  It was crispy but could have used a bit more sugar.

Overall the dim sum visits to Chong’s were pleasant.  Despite some of the dishes not up to par, you still get great value and get to try a variety of dim sum without breaking your wallet.  Don’t let the cheap price deter you because you get some pretty decent dim sum that is comparable to more expensive places.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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