July 26, 2017

OPA! of Greece – Tsawwassen Mills

After walking around the huge Tsawwassen Mills outlet mall, we got hungry and needed to rest up at the food court.  Tsawwassen Mills has a huge seating area at the food court, but in comparison to other large malls, it actually does not have a lot of food vendors.

We decided to go for OPA! of Greece.  They had souvlaki plates for around $10.  They had a promotion happening for wild salmon souvlaki so we gave that a try too.

We watched them cook the salmon so we know it would be hot.  There were 5 pieces of salmon on the skewer.  The salmon itself didn’t have a lot of flavour so this is where the tzatziki  sauce came in handy.

For the 2nd plate we ordered chicken.  The chicken had good flavour but it was just warm.  We didn’t see them cook the chicken as they took it out of a warmed container.

Both plates had a generous serving of rice.  The rice was very good and was not too wet or soggy.  The potatoes were also fully flavoured with the lemon zing throughout.  The Greek salads were fresh too.   Each plate comes with a full piece of pita bread freshly pan fried.

Overall it was OK and is basically food court quality.  It would have been better if they didn’t precook the chicken.  We would not have minded to wait for it to come straight out of the pan.

We saw many people ordering the fried calamari and it smelled really good.  We certainly would like to try calamari next time.

SFDD gives 3.5 out of 5 Delights.

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