November 11, 2017

Hyack Sushi–New Westminster

A new sushi restaurant popped up next to Douglas College during October.  They seemed to have been renovating all summer and finally opened.

This is from their front street entrance:

They also have a back entrance with some parking spaces too:

They have an unusual wide open empty space at the front of the restaurant:

However, they also have a huge seating area so there shouldn’t be too many issues getting seating even when busy:

We ordered BC Roll and Dynamite rolls to try:

They were presented very nicely on a fancy plate.  The rice had perfect texture for both.  They had a generous amount of salmon for the BC roll.  Also there were two plump deep fried prawns inside the dynamite roll.  Usually at other places you only get one skinny piece of prawn, so having 2 here at Hyack felt like a bonus.

We also tried the deep fried California roll:

This was quite a modern take on the traditional Cali roll.  It was presented very nicely just like above.  It includes some spicy sauce and some teriyaki sauce to top it off.  The batter was very light and not too oily.  It was sort of like tempura batter.  This is a must try if you come to Hyack Sushi.

We also ordered assorted tempura:

It came with 3 pieces of prawn and the rest were yam.  It was the first time I had yam tempura where it was cut like yam fries.  We’d prefer the flat slices instead as this feels smaller.

We also tried chicken karrage.

It had about 8 plump pieces of boneless dark meat and came with a spicy mayo dipping sauce.  The chicken was quite fresh and was mildly seasoned.  It went well with the sauce.

Hyack is very new so it’s not too busy yet.  They have a lot of modern hip sushis that you can try out.  The assorted tempura would have been better if it had bigger pieces of yam or even some other veggies to spruce up the color.  The servers were very friendly and attentive and prices are actually quite good for what you get.  We’ll certainly be coming back to try out their other special sushies later.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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