December 15, 2014

Domino’s–West Richmond

We blogged about this place 5 years ago, how time flies.

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We were lucky to use a 50% off coupon for online pizza orders a couple of weeks back. We decided to go for a large ExtravaganZZa which was one of their fully loaded Feast pizzas. 

It had: pepperoni, ham, savory Italian sausage, beef, fresh onions, fresh green peppers, fresh mushrooms and black olives with extra cheese.

Even though we used a coupon, unlike a lot of places Domino’s did not cheapen on the toppings. It was truly fully loaded.  I was already full after eating 2 slices.  I can normally chomp down half a pizza on my own if it was from Pizza Hut or Panago.  I think it was all the hefty meat toppings that made this a heavy weight.

We also ordered buffalo hot wings.  This was not that spicy. Strange was that it was a tad on the sweet side.  What was unattractive about this order was that the foil was burned, as you can see in the pic.

It looked like some of the wings got burned as well but luckily, not that bad as it did not totally affect the flavour.  If I had checked the wings at the store, I would have rejected it.  I didn’t do it this time due to the good experiences I had at this location on previous occasions.  I will definitely check my future orders inside out before walking out.

Despite the burnt wings, the pizza was prepared well enough that it made up for the shortfall.

SFDD gives 3.75 out of 5 Delights.

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