December 28, 2014

Sushi Zone – New Westminster

Sushi Zone is a cozy little sushi joint located next to Douglas College and footsteps away from the New West sky train station.

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I needed a quick lunch and some people I know recommended this place for something inexpensive and nice.  I visited on two different occasions both after 1pm.  The place was rather quiet.  Looks to be family run with the husband being the sushi chef while the wife is the waitress/cashier.

On my very first visit, I received a friendly greeting and ordered the BC roll right away at the counter since I already knew what I wanted.   I needed something filling that would keep my stomach from growling for the rest of the afternoon.  I’m sure it was made to order as I had to wait a few minutes for the chef to do his magic.

This looked rather nice for takeout sushi.  It was topped with some kind of a teriyaki like sauce and a nice spread of tobiko eggs.  This made it taste so much better compared to some other places I’ve tried.  The rice temperature was just right.  (I hate those AYCE places where they rush the sushi and you end up with hot/warm rice on the sushi).  There was a generous amount of salmon used inside the roll too.  Nevertheless, it was enough to keep my stomach quiet for the rest of the afternoon.  This was only $4.

On my next visit, I called in ahead of time to place my order so I didn’t have to wait.  I trusted it would be made to order.  This time I tried out the dynamite roll. This cost a little bit more but I wanted to try something different this time.

It was already for pickup when I arrived 5 minutes later.This was also topped with the tobiko eggs.  What I missed is that sweet sauce that was on the BC roll.  This had lots of the imitation crab meet inside.  The prawn tempura inside was a bit thin but fried nicely.  I were to choose, I think the BC roll tasted better. 

I like this place as it is conveniently located so I’m sure it gets lots of foot traffic from Douglas College students.  The sushi is made to order and is not rushed.  I’ll be going back to try their other rolls and will report back here.

SFDD gives 3.25 out of 4 Delights

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