July 26, 2015

Copa Cafe - Richmond

It seems like Hong Kong style restaurants are getting harder to find even in Richmond as they are being replaced with mainland Chinese style restaurants.  At least that's what it seems like in Richmond.  Copa has a few restaurants around the lower mainland. 

This branch is located with the new T&T supermarket along River road, just across from the Oval.  There is underground parking but can be awkward driving up and down the lot.  You really have to use the mirrors set on the walls or you can collide with oncoming traffic navigating the lot.

We got there at 6pm and it was packed already.  It turns out people were here for the happy hour mini dishes that end at 6pm.

You can sign up for a points card.  This is our first time seeing a program like this from an Asian restaurant.

Copa has a couple of different menus to choose from  This one has the featured specials for $16.95.

This menu is the set menu for Chinese food that comes with a Chinese soup and drink.

We had a party of 4 and ordered a few items to share.  We first ordered the baked seafood on rice with lobster sauce.  It was kind of bland.  It was a tomato based sauce baked onto the rice.  Has fish, shrimp, mussels and imitation meat.  Although it was bland, size wise it is a rather large portion.

This is vermicelli with preserved vegetables and sliced pork.  It is fried with sauce so it was not a dry chowmein.  It was also a big portion with a generous amount of meat.  Taste is OK.

Next is a baked chicken breast on linguine with  garlic cream and cheese sauce.  This one really wreaked of cheese.  The pasta was not overcooked and just about al dente.  It was quite garlicky but could use some more seasoning for the sauce.

These were almost $13-$15 and because it was not happy hour it was a full sized portion.  No drinks or soup come with these meals.

The service was average as it was busy and typical with Chinese restaurants, nothing to write home about.  The food came out rather quick so that is a thumbs up we can give.

Location is good if you don’t want to drive out to No3 or Alderbridge where it is typically more busy.  Food can use some more seasoning.

SFDD gives 3 out of 4 Delights.

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